Sabtu, 22 Juli 2017

7 Useful Android Applications For Students

7 Useful Android Applications For Students - Lately Android Mobile has been circulating everywhere. Not only adults, but children also have used smart phones with Android operating system. Like iOS, Android also offers many useful applications to speed up our work. For a student the existence of an application that can help the learning process in the view is very important. For that below there are 7 applications that must be installed for those of you who are still studying in school and who are already in college.

1. QuickOffice (Google Docs)

Quickoffice is one of the most useful applications for students. Because with this application you can edit the files words, excels, or powerpoints on your favorite HP Android. Not only that this application is also user friendly, it means easy to use even if you are a beginner.

2. Mint

At the college course we bring money pocket, is not it? Well, sometimes we are hard to set aside some of our money to buy something we need. With this application you can manage your finances easily. And tell your finances and for what your money is in use. So you can keep an eye on your finances.

3. SlideShare

SlideShare is the next application you must have. Because if one day you lack material, you can open this app and find what material you need right now, wherever you are. Maybe at home, school or even at the gym you can access SlideShare. So this application is very useful for you students.

4. Coursera

For those of you who do not want to bother with the name of private tutoring directly. Probably because the place is a lot of les, or maybe the teacher is fierce. Do not worry, because with the Coursera app you can connect with all the students around the world. And Coursera offers free courses at 100 global educational institutions and universities, including Yale and Standford. So with this application you can see firsthand how online it feels to study abroad that will be given directly by the instructor instructors wherever you are.


Males when you bring a dictionary to school? Relax because with app, you do not have to bother to bring your super big dictionary to school. gives the meaning of the word you are looking for. Not only that also provides synonyms and antonyms of every word. And pull it again you can increase your vocabulary knowledge every day.

6. Calcu

Often forget to take the calculator to school? From now on you do not have to worry anymore with this problem. Because now the calculator integrates with your Android phone. The interesting Calcu view will not bore you with this app. Besides calculation can, Calcu can also be used for scientific calculations.

7. Duolingo language apps

Want to learn a new language, but there's no time to go to a tutoring place? With the Duolingo app, you do not have to tire to go to the place tutoring. Now you can learn any language in your room even while lying down. This app helps you learn a foreign language from the basics. And by being guided by the original speakers directly.

That's some of the applications that you must install on your Android Hanphone. The app can be downloaded in your Play Store app.It could be with these applications you can be superior in the classroom, in addition, your learning atmosphere will be more fun.