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How To Overcome Bootloop On HP Android With Ease

How To Overcome Bootloop On HP Android With Ease

How to Resolve Bootloop - Nowadays there are a lot of hp android that offers various specifications and features that qualified. However, sophisticated smart phones that exist sometimes can also experience problems or errors that we do not know. As for one of the problems android hp which is quite often complained by many users is failed to boot or bootlop. In general, the bootloop is caused due to damage to the android system so that the android device fails to start-up. As a result hp android can not enter the home menu.

Bootloop or fail booting on hp android is actually one of the problems that often happens, usually the problem can occur because hp failed to upgrade the system, then there is also due to wrong in using firmware android and even bootloop can happen when we do root but Failed, so when the restart or turned on only able to display the logo or brand of his phone only. It will continue over and over again even though we have restarted many times. Therefore there are many users who wonder how to solve it. Well, in this article SinyalTech will share tips to overcome the hp android bootloop with ease.

How to Overcome Bootloop On Hp Android
Basically the usual questions asked about the problem such as how to easily overcome the bootloop android? Why my android when turned on just show up the phone logo only? Why my android really suddenly dead? And how can i get my phone into the menu?

Here's how to get around the bootloop appropriately

1.Android Light Bootloop

Android Light Bootloop is one of the problems bootloop on mobile phone hp android is classified as light. The problem occurs when you use the phone to play games, install the application or watch the video suddenly just happened to restart or re-boot itself. And after turning on again hp can not enter the menu but only display the phone logo only.

How to overcome :

If you are experiencing similar things, because the problem is still a mild bootloop then you can fix it by removing the battery android phone and put it back. After that try to restart the phone, and usually in that way android phone is able to boot normally.

2.Android Medium Bootloop

This one android bootloop problem is common as a result of user activity that often tinkers with android features and goes into system recovery. Because as we know that system recovery is the most important part of an android phone, usually from the recovery system we can do rooting the phone. So indeed the state of the system is so protected that if the user tries to tinker and make a mistake then it can result in bootloop. Actually this damage includes a mid-level bootloop because we can fix it by going into system recovery to backup back.

How to overcome :

How to overcome this type of medium bootloop we need a Laptop or PC as a medium to backup data recovery imgae and file recovery CWM or original. However, this method can be successful if we have to backup the ROM data on the phone. But if you have never backed up his ROM data, then you can find data recovery for the type of mobile phone terebut on google. Because if the data is not the same certainly will not be in the restore as before.

3.Android Hard Bootloop

Android hard bootloop usually occurs as a result of our activities when changing different Stock ROMs, upgrading operating systems or compiling the wrong APKs. So the activity can also trigger a bootloop on the phone that we use. The characteristics are when the phone is turned on can not enter the menu and can not be tinker alias alias total traffic jam.

How to overcome :

Because the damage case is quite severe, then the way to overcome the bootloop must use a Laptop or PC. So the laptop used to fix also must be in install with a special application to reinstall android OS or to do Flasing Rom (firmware). But how to install each android OS varies depending on the brand and type of phone itself.

Some software tools that must be installed on the laptop to help how to overcome the bootloop

  • For android phones that have voice call features with MTK processor like Advan brand, Mito, Samsung, Axioo, Acer, Beyond, HTC and Vandroid can use SP Flash Tool software To install on laptop to handle bootloop hard type.

  • For brands of famous mobile phones are usually provided special software, such as LG phones with KDZ Tool, Samsung Galaxy with ODIN, ZTE Tab Light With MultiDL Sales.

  • In addition, how to overcome the bootloop for tablets that use Allwinner CPU Chipset like some of the following types: CyrusPad, Treq Basic, Speed ​​Up, IMO Z5, Websong and so on can use LiveSuits software.

  • How to overcome bootloop by doing Flashing Rom for Allwinner tablet with MicroSD can use Phoenix Card Tools software.

  • To do Flasing Firmware on Smartfren Androtab phones, Cube, Troy, Taublet and gadgets using similar RockChip cpu can use RK BatchTool software.

Note: How to resolve booting hp android which can also be said to be powerful by logging into CWM Recovery. The way it aims to restore the settings to the factory android settings. In other words the whole system will come back as it was. But before doing so make sure all existing data paa phone you back-up to the external storage media.

Up here the discussion on how to overcome bootloop on hp android with ease. Hopefully the above ways can help you solve the problem and the phone can boot normally again.