Sabtu, 22 Juli 2017

How To Upgrade Android To Marshmallow, Lollipop And Kitkat

How To Upgrade Android To Marshmallow, Lollipop And Kitkat

How to Upgrade Android - Users of the Android operating system used for mobile phone use today is the most popular. Next followed by ios 6 and windows phone which also has its own market share hp users around the world. Back to Android, the operating system developed by Google on the basis of Linux has many versions of old school to date. The majority of today's android OSs are now upgraded from Jelly Bean to Ice Cream, to Kit Kat, to Lollipop and most recently to android upgrades to Marshmallow.

The easy upgrade process of android version one to android the other from the old to the latest become more android value and make it more popular in the eyes of smartphone users. Of course every smartphone user wants Android with the most recent version, because it has many advantages and little shortcomings compared to its predecessor version. Call it excess android marshmallow which is claimed to have the most efficient battery consumption compared to below versions such as Jelly Bean, Kit Kat and Lolipop.

Some smartphone manufacturers use the latest android version to increase the purchasing power of their products. What's more if the smartphone provides official support for the latest version of android version to the latest version, would be more ogled by consumers. Here are some ways to upgrade Kit Kat's os android to Lolipop and Marshmallow.

How to Upgrade Android Os

1. The first way is to use your PC browser. Open the browser and type in google search "Lates OS (your hp type)". From the information obtained can be known which last version of Android OS that can be installed on your phone. If it can support up to Lolipop and Marshmallow please upgrade.

2. The next way is to check directly the latest updates on its own official website. Because many parties are taking advantage by spreading information incorrectly for a hp that can be upgraded to the latest version of Android.

3. Go to settings tab or settings -> about -> vesion. From here if your smartphone supports this feature it will see what the latest operating system on your device.

4. Next the last way is to see your smartphone product on the official website. From there will look the latest android OS that can support on your phone. If you want to hp android oprek you deeper can access the forum website english "xdadevelopper" in the forum discussed the android ins and outs of A-Z is very complete!

Similarly information we can share for the still confused get the latest android os on his favorite mobile phone. There are many ways to upgrade android to Marshmallow, Lollipop and Kitkat. Maybe in one of the ways above you can know the android version on hp correctly and do the right catch up to upgrade.

Thus information from us on how to upgrade Android OS To Marshmallow, Lollipop And Kit Kat hopefully useful for you all.