Sabtu, 22 Juli 2017

Tips on How to Overcome Slow or Slow Android Hp

Tips on How to Overcome Slow or Slow Android Hp - Android is an innovation launched by experts in supporting the ability of smartphones in terms of components and features growing. To compensate for that many developers operating system improve the quality of the features presented therein. The number of offer price android phone diera millennium, ranging from 500 thousand to tens of millions is available to customize the needs of the specifications you want, for example Mito Fantasy Mini, which was launched by local manufacturers for 800 thousand already using os Jelly Bean. In Indonesia itself android it is not a luxury item, because we can see almost all circles today using hp based os.

In terms of convenience, HP Android is superior to other mobile operating systems because it is easily edited according to user settings. But even so, many Android devices are experiencing a slowdown of the system or so-called Lag / lemot, a state where the smartphone experience a slow state in running commands and applications that can be caused by many things ranging from mobile phone specifications are not strong enough to do multitasking or too much menginstalkan Applications and cache applications that result in android phone becomes slow. The opportunity this time, blog Information Latest Gadget will share tips how to overcome the hp android slow or slow, consider and note the info below to solve the problem of slowing your android phone.

Tips to Overcome Android Hp Lemot

Full internal memory: keep in mind that storing too much data or installing apps in internal memory can make your phone performance heavy. As a suggestion from us, it's better to balance the existing memory users.

Clearing the cache: running apps can sometimes pass off the rest of the storage data is called cache, but did you know that the cache buildup of these applications can be a factor in slowing down your android phone? Cache is also commonly referred to as history if the browser. To prevent the system from lagging we can clean it up with special applications that can be downloaded in the Google Play Store.

Too many widgets: some people decorate their android phones with various widgets that aim to beautify the look or just to make a cute or funny impression dilayarnya especially by using live walpaper but it is known that it can take a lot of battery power and slow down the system in your mobile phone. Therefore you should only install widgets that really feel important and avoid the use of live walpaper.

Firmware update: Firmware is an operating system on a mobile device like and definitely has its own version update. How to overcome hp android the other slow is to always update the version of os used in the smartphone because it can provide increased performance can also solve the problem of incompatible applications.

Running multiple applications at the same time can disrupt the process and cause the loading to be long because the task processor becomes very heavy. The solution is when finished running the application should be closed and if not too necessary never run many applications simultaneously.

Okay until here first information from us around Tips and How to Overcome Hp Android Lemot or Slow due to various problems. With the above tips and tricks are expected to android users more wise in using the device and maintain the optimization of the android system so as not to cause a slowdown in performance. Thanks.