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Here's How to Unroot Xiaomi Redmi 1S Correctly

Do not feel at home with the root on the device Xiaomi Redmi 1S just calm Androidtechnoria, because you can restore it as before or in the beginning again before the root, that is by using the tutorial step by step how to unroot Xiaomi Redmi 1S so you can calm down again because smartphone Which is initially in root state and has root privileges.

How to Unroot Xiaomi Redmi 1S With Good and True

Before that it needs to be emphasized first, that this step by step tutorial is a safe way to unroot Xiaomi Redmi 1S, it's just that I will not be responsible if something happens to your smartphone device, be it damage like bootloop or anything , So please be considered and taken into consideration before you start, anything that happens is your own consequence, so make sure you follow this tutorial well and right, okay here's how.

  1. First, make sure you download the unroot file first, special file for Xiaomi Redmi 1S for unroot process.
  2. After that go to Security> Permission> and turn off Root permissions.
  3. Now, go to Stock Recovery by opening the Updater application, then select Menu> then select "Reboot to Recovery Mode", it will reboot automatically and go into stock recovery.
  4. When logged in to Stock Recovery / Mi-Recovery you will usually be prompted to choose a language, just choose English to enable english, or Chinese to enable Chinese if you feel you understand.
  5. After that select "Install update.zip to System" and wait for the process to complete, after the process is complete, now select "Reboot" is complete! Xiaomi Redmi 1S you succeeded in unroot.

Note: This tutorial specifically for unrooting Xiaomi Redmi 1S devices is not recommended to unroot other Xiaomi devices, by following step by step well and correctly you seem to have successfully unrooted, so congratulations.

That's how to Unroot Xiaomi Redmi 1S well and correctly, but remember yes one thing and understand and understand the term DWYOR which means Do With Your Own Risk, so the consequences you bear own.
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Here's How To Use Android Device Manager Correctly

How To Complete Using Android Device Manager.

A precaution you need to do to avoid actions that are harmful to you, including crime as well as theft, of course you will feel restless and anxious if you experience the loss of your smartphone, whether it was lost because of falling, missed or really- actually in stolen, well in this situation you can take advantage of Android Device Manager.

Before that, to be more clear we should first discuss what it is, Android Device Manager, Android Device Manager is one of the software made by Google, which is useful to track your lost Android smartphone, and can provide wipe data orders, lock the device, protect from factory reset by force by the thief, with this you can protect your smartphone when.

Requirements For Using Android Device Manager.

  • Make sure you are already connected or logged in with your Google account on your smartphone.
  • After that do not forget to activate features such as GPS and also internet, therefore it is important for Android Device Manager to run properly.
  • And other requirements are, enable the features associated with Android Device Manager, in your smartphone settings.
How to Turn on or Use Android Device Manager.

Actually to use Android Device Manager is available in the settings section, and by default it is provided and settings about Android Device Manager are also provided, such as data removal commands and tracking the location of lost smartphones, how to go to "Settings - Security" and make sure "Remotely Locate This Device "and" Allow Remote Lock and Erase "you have activated before.

"Remotely Locate This Device" itself is useful to allow to track your smartphone if it is lost and while "Allow Remote Lock and Erase" begun to lock the smartphone and erase the data stored on the lost smartphone remotely, so by enabling some of the above commands you can track and even delete your smartphone data when lost.

How to Track Smartphones Missing with Android Device Manager.

As for tracking your lost smarthone, you can use browser access, whether it's on PC or Laptop or on other smartphones, the way is go to google device manager website or google device manager (Google Device Manager) do not forget to login using your Google account Use on a lost smartphone.

With the Android Device Manager website or website you can track even accurately with locations and folders provided, even you can see the logs when the last smartphone is used, you should also move quickly so you do not lose your smartphone that is already in the hands of others.

Featured Features of Android Device Manager.

There are three excellent features provided by the Android Device Manager, such as Ring, Lock, Erase, with the three features you can already secure your smartphone that was lost before, but you also need to activate some features as I said above, These three features for what the hell? Let's discuss one by one.

Ring: You can control the volume of the target smartphone that is lost and fall into the hands of others, with this feature you can sound the alarm remotely even if the smartphone is in a state of silent.

Lock: With this feature you can secure your smartphone to keep it safe unused by the thief, so with this feature you can lock your smartphone with a password that you can make in an emergency, after which your smartphone will be locked and not can be used.

Erase: By using this feature you will delete all data stored on your lost smartphone, such as Photo, Video, and other files stored on SD card even in internal memory, but the effect you can not use Android Device Manager again, between Else you have menyikhlaskan but at least your data also do not participate stolen.

Do not be rash to find your lost smartphone just by yourself, at least you have to bring your close friends or relatives to drive to the target location of the lost smartphone, to anticipate further crime, dangerous also if you approached him alone, therefore you Need help from people close to you.

Well more or less like that to secure your smartphone from theft or even the smartphone lost and fall into the hands of others, at least in this way prevent further theft as well as important data stored on your smartphone you can delete all without the rest, Yes even with the act of deleting the data you have menyikhlaskan your smartphone.
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Sabtu, 19 Agustus 2017

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of OPPO A39?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of OPPO A39?

After two weeks of using this phone, now it's time to share a little review about the Oppo A39. In this review we will provide information from the eyes of ordinary users.

Oppo A39 smartphone is an older brother of Oppo A37. Specifically both types of HH is not different far. There are improvements to the battery section.

As the first user of the Oppo manufacturer, this provides a bit of a different experience for us. Both from operating system experience, from its UX or from its camera function.

We do not categorize what the advantages and disadvantages of this Oppo A39 mobile phone, we will only tell you the experience that we feel during the use of this smartphone. The rest you can conclude yourself which the advantages and disadvantages. Let's get started:

Price under 3 Million

The first is clear about the price, priced at the national price of 2,799,000 this being one of the best in that price range. Moreover he said the price is now down alias cheaper. So for you who have a budget paspasan and not enough to buy OPPO F1s, then Oppo A39 this could be the right choice.

Dual Slot GSM + 1 Memory Slot

There are actually other options like Zenfone 3, but Oppo has the advantage that the card slot is 2+ memory slots. Oppp is superior because it does not use Hybrid Slot. Although the internal can already load 32 Gb.

Dual 4G GSM Slot

Well for the price range of this segment, Oppo A39 is supported 2 GSM sim both with 4G network. This is an advantage when compared to hp class which is usually equipped with dual sim, but only one is 4G, while the other 2G.

No Metal Body Makes It No Heat

Well this can be considered an advantage or lack of anyway. But we consider this advantage deh, why so? The advantage of the body is not metal is cool. So if HH is processing the weight then the heat does not spread to the body. But honestly this Oppo A39 is not hot, we just feel the temperature of mobile phones rise when playing the game rather heavy.

Gorilla Screen

This is also an advantage compared to mobile classmates. We compare it with the latest Zenfone 3 Max, although the battery business is said to win them but it turns out he did not have a screen protector. So, what is the big battery but the phone screen cracked easily?

It's a Smartphone for Photos

Like the slogan, Unstoppable Selfie. Yes! Indeed, the facts hape output from Oppo is reserved for end users who like photographs. 13Mp rear camera and 5Mp front camera is equipped with beauty mode and expert mode such as manual ISO, manual focus, manual shutter speed. So make mbak-mbak who has not been able F1s, then Oppo A39 could be a good choice to quench the thirst of Selfie.

Screen 5.2 Conveniently gripped.

This one also we consider the Advantages. Why? Because it's convenient. Frankly hape with much larger specifications, but the screen size also affects the comfort. According to our screen size 5.2 is the most maximal for the size of the hand is not too wide, especially for fingers mbak-mbak a hobby selfie. But this is all back to choice anyway. If you like a big yes it's okay, clear Oppo A39 has a 5.2 inch screen size.

Android Operating System Lollipop 5.1

Almost all the smartphones made by Oppo currently using Os Color are made based on Android 5.1 Lollipop. For those of you who are interested in Android Update, then I recommend do not buy Oppo A39 product, because this hh still use Lollipop and there is no discourse for upgrade (at least until now we use).

Application Security

Oppo brings a build application in the form of app security. In this application we can provide special settings to each application. For example we do not allow WA applications to run every time start up. This will facilitate us for application management. Delicious tho? Basically this security application could be an advantage and could be a shortage / complicated.

Why is it a drawback? It could be because this makes your application so it does not bring up notifications, such as WhatsApp app does not appear notif and new messages entered after the app opened. This case is often questioned by the users of Oppo, because most of the users of this smartphone is the end user who is not so familiar with these settings.

Slide Down Navigation Bar is not Notification

Since we previously used pure Android Lollipop, there is little difference in its UX system. So if you usually slide down on the navigation bar to see the notification list, then it's not the same for Oppo A39.

In Oppo A39 if you slide down on navbar then that will be seen is function button, like flashlight, wifi, gps and others. As for viewing notifications, you need to slide to the right on the navbar. Hmm enough to bother anyway I think.

Developer Option Not always Run

This is actually a problem for Android programmers anyway. On Oppo smartphones, especially the A39 option Developer Options can not always be activated. If enabled it will always appear notification like picture below.

Well that's some information related experience after two weeks using Oppo A39. Hope can be your consideration before deciding to buy this Android smartphone.

may be useful.
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How to Make HSDPA H + Android Signals Stable, Good and Strong

How to Make HSDPA H + Android Signals Stable, Good and Strong

Speaking of internet signals, Indonesia is one of the countries with very long internet signals in comparison with internet signals in other countries. This is a peculiarity that is very prominent for Indonesia because the State of Indonesia is included into a country that has a large area and a very large population. So it is very surprising if it turns out the internet signal in Indonesia far below Malaysia that noatebenya region of the country is much smaller than Indonesia and so is the population.

The speed of the internet today has become something that is prioritized for most people because almost all the activities of Indonesian people currently use internet connection. So by getting a good internet signal in hp android then all activities can be easier to do. Several years ago, in Indonesia is only able to run the Internet network system EDGE or often we call the GPRS where maximum power is only able to reach 256 kbps.

However, as awktu runs, now internet connection in Indonesia is much better but if pitted with internet connection with other countries still far lost. In Indonesia, the Internet has entered a new phase which now can use 4G LTE network, which has promised an internet speed up to reach 100 Mbps density. But again there are still obstacles, namely the Internet network infrastructure system that is often called as a signal (signal) that often worsens.

For that this time the team dailypost will try to help you all in order to get a faster internet signal on your smartphone based on android.

How to Make HSDPA H + Android Signals Stable, Good and Strong

Unstable internet signal is not something that can be underestimated, because the weak signal can affect the slow internet connection, not only that, the bad internet signal was able to make batteries become more extravagant than usual because the smartphone will continue to be forced to look for signals that nice. And here is a trick how to get HSDPA H + android signal remains stable and strong:

  • Android phone settings only receive 3G only or 3G preferred network signal, enter the settings menu -> Network and Nircables -> Advance -> cellular Network -> 3G Network
  • Then back on your Home Screen
  • Enter the code * # * # 4636 # * # * On the dialer or call menu
  • After that choose Phone Information menu
  • Then click on the button on the left of your smartphone (left of the home button)
  • The option menu will appear again, then choose Select band radio
  • After that will appear some network options, just choose Japan Band
  • Save then you can get out
Well after you do the above steps then automatically 3G / HSDPA H + signal network in your android will become more stable and strong. That way will give effect to the internet connection even more quickly. However, how to make the 3G / HSDPA H + android signal stable and stronger above it just applies to smartphones already covered with 3G networks. Because there are some smartphones that do not support the Japan Band, so if your smartphone is one of the smartphones that support the Japan Band, get ready to get a stable and strong internet signal.
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How To Streng Then And Optimize Asus Zenfone Signals 5


The age of the Internet and gadgets is unstoppable at this time. Gadget seems to have become a primary need for most people from all walks of life and all ages.

And the internet connection is absolutely necessary to access all kinds of data and entertainment has been like a basic need as well.

But sometimes it becomes annoying when the gadgets we use are so slow to access the internet, whereas the signal bar in our gadget shows a good signal.

This time the author will share tips on strengthening and optimizing the signal in the gadget for signal quality to be more stable and optimal so that we can access the internet faster, with a record of the quality of the internet connection provided by the mobile service is also good and not being trouble.

And since this is a personal experience, then the gadget that became the object this time is a gadget
Asus Zenfone 5.

For the record, this way also the author can from googling, but this way proven to help the author to solve the problem in intent.

So the story, at the author's place of residence, before the "fix" in this way, Asus Zenfone 5 of the author can not at all use in the house, whether to make calls, sms or access the internet.

And all that turned out to be the opposite when it was done in this way.

Immediately we start the way

  1. First, please dial * # * # 4636 # * # *, then yes / OKE
  2. After that, the display will appear as shown below

Then click Phone information, like in the picture marked with the red square line.

After that it will appear as follows.

After the display appears like the picture above, default setting [default gadget] is WCDMA Prefered, then change its setting to WCDMA only.

After that, restart [switch off and on again] your Asus Zenfone 5 gadget, and feel the difference with before changing the settings.

May be useful.

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Android Bundle Collection From Old Version Up To Now

Android Bundle Collection From Old Version Up To Now

Chromplex - Google has recently begun preparing for their latest operating system for smart devices namely Android 8.0.

Android operating system becomes the main choice of various smartphone vendors such as Samsung, ASUS, or Sony. No wonder it sees excellent performance with a variety of advanced features that make it easier for users when using a smartphone. Plus most people have entered into the Google ecosystem by using services like GMail or Maps.

Android when it has entered version 8.0 so there are many variants of the level of Android releases although most are not supported and no one uses it again. However, do you know from the beginning what are the levels of Android?

Well, this time Chromplex will give you brief information about every level of major Android releases that have been there so far.

Android 1.5 Cupcake

In 2009, Android 1.5 Cupcake was the first commercially launched version and was also first named after the cake. This version of Android is just beginning to add features that are commonly found today such as Widgets, Auto Rotate, and third-party virtual keyboard support. In this stage can be said that Google is still trying to include the basic features.

Android 1.6 Donut

Android Donut with version number 1.6 gives a little update from Cupcake version. In the Android Donut operating system, the smartphone gets some additional features such as CDMA support, text to voice engine, and battery usage indicators. The version number is not much different than before making Android Donut more to the mini update only.

Android 2.0 Eclair

Android 2.0 Eclair brings considerable changes compared to early versions of Android. In this update Google provides support and new features that serve to facilitate the users. Android Éclair gets some new features primarily in camera apps by adding flash support, focus, to color effects. In this version Google also added a pretty cool Live Wallpaper at the beginning of its appearance.

Android 2.2 Froyo

The existence of the Android operating system began to be widely known in Indonesia when Android 2.2 Froyo marketed with smartphones from major vendors such as Samsung. In this version of Android experience a significant performance optimization and coupled with USB Thetering support, Wi-Fi Hotspot, and push notification is very useful to date. In addition to this version you can move the app to external storage if possible.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Android 2.3 Gingerbread which slid in December 2010 makes Google's operating system is increasingly popular including in Indonesia. Gingerbread version provides enhancements in various sides such as optimization, ease, and power efficiency. In this version of Android 2.3 also provides support for Near Field Communication (NFC) which in the current era is very used especially for payment systems.

Android 3.0 Honeycomb

The presence of Android 3.0 Honeycomb may not be too much remembered by smartphone users because this one operating system is devoted to tablet devices. However, in this Honeycomb are some useful features that still survive today such as System Bar, support multi-core processors, up to customizable Home screens. Android 3.0 Honeycomb at the launch looks very futuristic and attracts a lot of attention.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich can be regarded as a major overhaul of Google's operating system. This is reflected in Google's desire to unify smartphone and tablet devices and add a more minimalist interface. One of the interesting new features in this version of Android is Android Beam which allows fast data transfer using NFC.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean release in July 2013 by following the Ice Cream Sandwich trail and adding improved performance from existing ones. This time Google is more focused on improving the performance and security offered on the Android system. Most of the improvements in this version of Android happen on the Android system itself. But there is one feature that really needs to know, namely support 4K UHD resolution that has started commonly found today.

Android 4.4 kitkat

One more very popular operating system is used, even until 2016 and there are still smartphones that slide using Android 4.4 KitKat. This time Google is still focused on improving user experience and performance, especially on lower class devices. Android 4.4 KitKat provides a minimum limit of RAM available for Android of 512 MB so that devices that have RAM below it are classified as low RAM devices.

Android 5.0 Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop which was launched in June 2014 is the first time carrying the material design is still a trend to date. Although not a few users who do not like the design like this because it considers enough to split. In addition, there are other features that deserve to be known such as the ability to access notifications from lockscreen.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

The presence of Android 6.0 Marshmallow for smart devices further reinforces what has been done by Google for this through Android Lollipop. Through this new operating system, Google brings powerful, advanced features like the Doze mode that keeps the battery last longer, supports finger scan sensors, USB Type-C support, up to multi-window experiments. Equally important is the ability to adopt external storage like internal.

Android 7.0 Nougat

Android 7.0 Nougat is the latest version when this article was revealed. In this operating system Google is still further to provide an increase to the experience of use for easier. The multi-window support feature is a major concern of Android Nougat so users can use multiple applications simultaneously. There is also a feature that makes operating system updates more smoothly and do not feel saa device is not in use.

Android 8.0 (oreo?)

Android 8.0 so far is still rumored to be bearing the name of Android Oreo. Google itself just started to give the Android 8.0 Developer Preview version to the developers to be able to taste the operating system that will be the upcoming release. To find out what kind of rumors that have existed to date.

Such is the level of Android that has been released by Google so far for smart devices that replace the existence of mobile phones in the digital era now. Well what Android operating system are you currently using?
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HowTo Upgrade Android OsTo The Latest Version In Time


Does android develop faster because of coincidence?

May be.

But it's not like that.

If my friend has long used android, must know that every year Google upgrade android OS to the latest version to provide new features and performance improvements.

From start ...... ginggerbread, ice cream sandwich, jelly bean, kitkat, lollipop and the most recent is marsmellow.

All of them provide a better performance improvement.

This is what makes android grow faster than Iphone.

Apple forced Iphone users to buy the latest handset output to enjoy the latest Apple operating system.

But android is not.

Older version of Android can be upgraded to the latest OS. That way, my friend can enjoy the old android with the latest oprasi system.

Then How to Upgrade Android OS to Latest Version?

Android upgrades at a glance look easy. Just download the file and install it.

It's not like that.

Not all android will get updated OS version. So, this will be a big problem for old version of android owners.

Normally, how to upgrade android OS to the latest version is very easy. Because every android has an OTA (over the air) update.

Go to Setting → About phone → Select System Update → And click Check for Updates.

Well, if the update is available then my friend will be asked to download the update file and install the file to start android upgrade.

But, if no updates mean the android phone manufacturer that my friend bought did not give the android system upgrade.

Or maybe, there is an update but not detected in the OTA.

If the problem is like that, you can upgrade android by going to the official website directly and looking for a version update there.

In the past, asus zenfone 4 belonged to me as well.

When first bought, android OS still kkat. And now I have upgraded to lollipop.

At that time, updates were not available in OTA. But after I go to the official website, I found the latest version of OS android update there.

For that, if my friend did not find updates on the system, my friend can go directly to the official site.

Or for other smartphone users can also visit the official website of each smartphone to be upgraded android OS to the latest version.

But what if the update is still not available after doing both ways android upgrade it?


If my friend is very eager to upgrade android OS to the latest version, you can use custom ROM for android pal.

Custom ROM is a great way to upgrade the Android OS to the latest version.

Custom ROM what does it mean?

Custom ROM is the same as regular system update but the system update is not official from Google but from people who like oprek android.

They are always creative to create custom ROM for android users who do not get official system updates from google.

My friend is looking for a custom ROM that is suitable for android buddy.

So do not worry, even if your android is old, my friend can still taste the latest version of android in the current release.

Use this latest android upgrade as a solution if your android does not get official system update from google.

Good luck and enjoy the android with the latest version of OS.
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Tips on optimizing samsung galaxy grand prime without root

Tips on optimizing samsung galaxy grand prime without root

First of all what is the factor that makes our HH so slow and wasteful batre ..

  • Too many install applications.
Although GP has a large enough internal storage (8GB, available 5GB), but too much to install applications that are not really needed is still not good. Since almost all applications leave a residue (cache), if not properly managed it will obviously last longer to meet your storage. This is usually not realized by the users of Android, that actually HH they save a lot of cache that every time will continue to grow and will make the performance of HH becomes slower. Without us being aware of our activities using HH continuously builds up a Cache-Cache. Usually the applications that generate the most cache are the browser, chat apps, or activities using the internet, etc. The solution is by installing mandatory applications that ane share in this doc. Also save file files such as music, movies, documents to MicroSD so as not to burden the internal memory.

  • Battery Saver App.
The most phenomenal of the past is Apikasi Battery Saver. With a variety of slogans will extend the use of the battery up to 5X, it seems already make this application quite popular among users samrtphone. Whereas actually the function of this application just to facilitate our access in minimizing battery usage. And it definitely only menuhin menuhin RAM.

  • Task Killer / RAM cleaner / RAM booster / Speed Booster, etc.
Currently widely circulated in the Play Store various applications such as Clean Master, DU Speed booster, etc. that promise will improve the performance of HH. Though these applications actually slow the performance of HH itself by burdening the memory (RAM). But not all task killer is bad, below already ane include which application is good for HH you. Continue reading.

  • Too many apps running in the background.
Smartphones are now primarily Android, are already optimized for multitasking function. But with the limited capacity of RAM owned by GP, it is not possible lagging or even force close because of full RAM when running a particular application, such as games and photo editors. Minimizing applications running in the background are among the most crucial to note. Suggested routine to close the application when it is not used. In addition routine also restart HH at least once a day.

  • Facebook app
I do not know how important this facebook application, obviously this application is one application that consumes too much RAM and Battery! Facebook access through the web browser will save more battery and memory than having to install the application.

  • Auto Update Android Apps on Playstore
Features auto update apps android it feels good to get the application updated, but agan will feel annoyed if suddenly HH agan download and install the application when it is being used to run other applications. In addition agan will be "forced" to update all applications that do not want to update. How to cope with that is by going into the PlayStore, and setting the automatic update (disable).

  • Many pairs of widgets.
Widgets in HH android makes it easy to use the applications available. For example a shortcut to perform a feature on a particular application, or view updated information on the application. But if too many widgets will certainly take up the use of RAM memory on HH android which will result in no more space for the use of other applications. So remove widgets that are at least less important or rarely used.

  • Use a heavy launcher / theme.
The theme emang make HH we look cool and unique, but agan agan still be smart to choose which launcher that has a lot of customization but still friendly for our HH. Examples of recommender launchers such as Nova Launcher.

  • Live wallpaper
Wallpapers can move their own motion, can play mainin, plasticity of life, funny, exciting .. But the various excitement and cuteness had also had a bad impact to the performance and battery. Because usually live wallpaper will trigger CPU / GPU to work more intensely. It is therefore recommended to use static wallpapers such as those in gallery.

  • Anti virus
Maybe antivirus is important to install on PC / Laptop, but baseball for android. The reason is android has a limited memory capacity, unlike the PC / laptop.Selain it is not like the Windows operating system, not many viruses roam the operating system android / linux. Simply avoid downloading app applications whose source is not clear.

That was a few things that can make our HH performance not maximal. If you already know, it's time to practice :)

Tools and materials:
1. Galaxy Grand Prime
2. Internet connection
3. Strong determination and patience :)

A. Optimization in Settings

1. Go to Settings> Display> Brightness. Set the brightness as needed, too bright not good for the eyes and batteries, keep the brightness to a minimum.
- Auto rotate screen OFF, use if needed aja.
- Screen Timeout set to 15/30 sec.
- Wallpaper (optional) replace with black / dominant black wallpaper, to minimize consumption of HH screen.

2. Settings >> Sound. Turn off unnecessary features like touch sound and dialing keypad tone

3. Turn off GPS when not in use

4. Setting >> Backup and reset, set Backup my data (OFF). Turn on if you just want to backup.

5. Turn off Sync via the notification panel.

6. Turn off Mobile data if there is coverage of Wifi internet access. Mobile data significantly drains the battery rather than Wifi.

7. Setting >> About device >> Software update, turn off Auto update. Active in the forum would be no notice for example there is an update: D

8. Setting >> Application manager >> All.
Some default apps like Hangouts, Google Play Games, etc. are better disabled. Although never executed, these applications will usually still run in the background. This is very potential to menuhin menuhin RAM and make batre increasingly wasteful. Here is a list of safe application applications to disable / turn off:
Google Play Books
Google Play Games
Google Pay Music (if using other music player)
Google Play Newsstand
Google Search
Google +
My Files (if you have installed another explorer file)
Samsung account
Samsung Biling
Samsung in-App purchase
Samsung Push Service
Street View

B. Application applications that must be installed

1. Advanced Task Manager (ATM)

At the beginning already ane explain some task killer applications that are bad for HH effect. The difference between ATM and other task killer is ATM does not originally to kill the application. ATM only shows applications that are safe to be covered. So its function is more like clear all in recent app. In addition, ATM can be automatically set to background app every screen is locked, HH / restart HH, or set periodically every 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, etc. The file was not too big and easy to operate.

2. Ccleaner

It must be agan agan already know this application. Luckily it turns out Ccleaner is not just present in the PC :) Ccleaner is actually its function is not much different from other cleaning applications. Only Ccleaner does not burden Memory and Battery!
To be safe, set up cleanup only on Cache, Clipboard, Google Play Search History, Thumbnail Cache, and Empty Folder. Not recommended for cleaning Processes!

The above two applications are actually more than enough to optimize HH. ATM works as a memory controller (RAM), while Ccleaner serves to manage storage, a super duo is not it?
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Set general options for Android devices

Set general options for Android devices

Use the option on your Android device to specify call and meeting specifications, contact options, and other overall settings. Depending on your organization's Skype for Business settings, some of these options may be disabled. To access an option, tap your image, then tap Settings.

Calls and meetings

Enter your Android phone number complete with country / region code. This lets you make and receive office calls and join meetings from Skype for Business. Additionally, if Skype for Business can not use Wi-Fi or cellular data to make audio or video calls, you will be contacted again at this number to connect you to the audio section of Skype for Business calls.

When you first log into Skype for Business for Android, you'll be guided to configure your phone number. To update the phone number, on the Settings screen, tap Calls and meetings, tap New Number, then enter your mobile phone number including the country / region and area code.

Sound Settings

Usually Skype for Business for Android will not show a meeting or participant video content during meetings unless you have a Wi-Fi connection. If you select this option and are not connected to Wi-Fi, Skype for Business tries to use a data connection to view screen and video sharing. To change settings, on the Settings screen, tap Voice Settings, then tap one of the following options:

  • Your VoIP will always connect to audio using VoIP either by using Wi-Fi (if Wi-Fi is available) or your mobile data plan (if Wi-Fi is not available).

  • VoIP only over Wi-Fi You will be connected to audio using VoIP using Wi-Fi instead of your mobile data plan. If Wi-Fi is not available, Skype for Business will call you at the available phone number.

  • The Skype for Business mobile will contact your mobile device and you'll need to receive Skype for Business calls to join the meeting. Calls will use your mobile credit.

Wi-Fi is required for video calls

Usually Skype for Business for Android will not show a meeting or participant video content during meetings unless you have a Wi-Fi connection. If you disable this option and are not connected to Wi-Fi, Skype for Business tries to use a data connection to view screen and video sharing. To change Wi-Fi settings, on the Settings screen, drag the Wi-Fi Required button for video calls to be on or off.


By default, the Exchange credential option is enabled so that all of your meeting and voicemail information is shown on Skype for Business.

Exchange settings let you enter credentials if Exchange credentials are separate from your Skype for Business settings. If the credentials are the same, keep them to On. You need Exchange credentials to show meetings and voicemails.

HTTP Proxy

HTTP Proxy Settings is required if your company network has a proxy that requires credential setting. You must enter your domain, username, and password to sign in and use the app on your organization's Wi-Fi.

Syncing contacts

You can add Skype for Business contacts to the Android device phone book. To do so, on the Settings screen, under Sync contacts, select the check box.

Status bar icon

To enable or disable the Skype for Business status bar icon, check or uncheck the box.


You can disable Skype for Business sounds and vibrations, or use your device's sound settings. On the Settings screen, tap Voice, and select Use my phone's settings or Deactivate.


You can disable vibrations for Skype for Business, or use your device's sound settings. On the Settings screen, tap Voice, and select Use my phone's settings or Deactivate.


Text phone mode (TTY) is used to send text over phone lines. TTY devices must connect to your mobile device to translate the changed audio. If not, maybe you will get poor audio quality. Using TTY mode in a conference call can also cause audio quality issues.

By default, TTY mode is off. To change this setting, on the Settings screen, slide the Accessibility button on.

Creation Log

Logs are used by system administrators to collect, analyze, and store data. The system administrator may ask you to enable the logging option to troubleshoot. If unsolicited, you do not need to pay attention to this option. To turn on logging, scroll to On.

To send an error log to the technical support team, tap Send log file, and enter your support team email address.

Uploading Login Log

If you receive an incoming error message, you can log in to Microsoft. Tap Upload Login Log then tap one of the following options:

  • Always       Always upload logins when an error occurs.

  • Never ever   Never upload logins.

  • Ask me  Ask the user to upload a log every time a login error occurs.


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