Jumat, 25 Agustus 2017

Here's How To Use Android Device Manager Correctly

How To Complete Using Android Device Manager.

A precaution you need to do to avoid actions that are harmful to you, including crime as well as theft, of course you will feel restless and anxious if you experience the loss of your smartphone, whether it was lost because of falling, missed or really- actually in stolen, well in this situation you can take advantage of Android Device Manager.

Before that, to be more clear we should first discuss what it is, Android Device Manager, Android Device Manager is one of the software made by Google, which is useful to track your lost Android smartphone, and can provide wipe data orders, lock the device, protect from factory reset by force by the thief, with this you can protect your smartphone when.

Requirements For Using Android Device Manager.

  • Make sure you are already connected or logged in with your Google account on your smartphone.
  • After that do not forget to activate features such as GPS and also internet, therefore it is important for Android Device Manager to run properly.
  • And other requirements are, enable the features associated with Android Device Manager, in your smartphone settings.
How to Turn on or Use Android Device Manager.

Actually to use Android Device Manager is available in the settings section, and by default it is provided and settings about Android Device Manager are also provided, such as data removal commands and tracking the location of lost smartphones, how to go to "Settings - Security" and make sure "Remotely Locate This Device "and" Allow Remote Lock and Erase "you have activated before.

"Remotely Locate This Device" itself is useful to allow to track your smartphone if it is lost and while "Allow Remote Lock and Erase" begun to lock the smartphone and erase the data stored on the lost smartphone remotely, so by enabling some of the above commands you can track and even delete your smartphone data when lost.

How to Track Smartphones Missing with Android Device Manager.

As for tracking your lost smarthone, you can use browser access, whether it's on PC or Laptop or on other smartphones, the way is go to google device manager website or google device manager (Google Device Manager) do not forget to login using your Google account Use on a lost smartphone.

With the Android Device Manager website or website you can track even accurately with locations and folders provided, even you can see the logs when the last smartphone is used, you should also move quickly so you do not lose your smartphone that is already in the hands of others.

Featured Features of Android Device Manager.

There are three excellent features provided by the Android Device Manager, such as Ring, Lock, Erase, with the three features you can already secure your smartphone that was lost before, but you also need to activate some features as I said above, These three features for what the hell? Let's discuss one by one.

Ring: You can control the volume of the target smartphone that is lost and fall into the hands of others, with this feature you can sound the alarm remotely even if the smartphone is in a state of silent.

Lock: With this feature you can secure your smartphone to keep it safe unused by the thief, so with this feature you can lock your smartphone with a password that you can make in an emergency, after which your smartphone will be locked and not can be used.

Erase: By using this feature you will delete all data stored on your lost smartphone, such as Photo, Video, and other files stored on SD card even in internal memory, but the effect you can not use Android Device Manager again, between Else you have menyikhlaskan but at least your data also do not participate stolen.

Do not be rash to find your lost smartphone just by yourself, at least you have to bring your close friends or relatives to drive to the target location of the lost smartphone, to anticipate further crime, dangerous also if you approached him alone, therefore you Need help from people close to you.

Well more or less like that to secure your smartphone from theft or even the smartphone lost and fall into the hands of others, at least in this way prevent further theft as well as important data stored on your smartphone you can delete all without the rest, Yes even with the act of deleting the data you have menyikhlaskan your smartphone.