Kamis, 17 Agustus 2017

How to Make HSDPA H + Android Signals Stable, Good and Strong

How to Make HSDPA H + Android Signals Stable, Good and Strong

Speaking of internet signals, Indonesia is one of the countries with very long internet signals in comparison with internet signals in other countries. This is a peculiarity that is very prominent for Indonesia because the State of Indonesia is included into a country that has a large area and a very large population. So it is very surprising if it turns out the internet signal in Indonesia far below Malaysia that noatebenya region of the country is much smaller than Indonesia and so is the population.

The speed of the internet today has become something that is prioritized for most people because almost all the activities of Indonesian people currently use internet connection. So by getting a good internet signal in hp android then all activities can be easier to do. Several years ago, in Indonesia is only able to run the Internet network system EDGE or often we call the GPRS where maximum power is only able to reach 256 kbps.

However, as awktu runs, now internet connection in Indonesia is much better but if pitted with internet connection with other countries still far lost. In Indonesia, the Internet has entered a new phase which now can use 4G LTE network, which has promised an internet speed up to reach 100 Mbps density. But again there are still obstacles, namely the Internet network infrastructure system that is often called as a signal (signal) that often worsens.

For that this time the team dailypost will try to help you all in order to get a faster internet signal on your smartphone based on android.

How to Make HSDPA H + Android Signals Stable, Good and Strong

Unstable internet signal is not something that can be underestimated, because the weak signal can affect the slow internet connection, not only that, the bad internet signal was able to make batteries become more extravagant than usual because the smartphone will continue to be forced to look for signals that nice. And here is a trick how to get HSDPA H + android signal remains stable and strong:

  • Android phone settings only receive 3G only or 3G preferred network signal, enter the settings menu -> Network and Nircables -> Advance -> cellular Network -> 3G Network
  • Then back on your Home Screen
  • Enter the code * # * # 4636 # * # * On the dialer or call menu
  • After that choose Phone Information menu
  • Then click on the button on the left of your smartphone (left of the home button)
  • The option menu will appear again, then choose Select band radio
  • After that will appear some network options, just choose Japan Band
  • Save then you can get out
Well after you do the above steps then automatically 3G / HSDPA H + signal network in your android will become more stable and strong. That way will give effect to the internet connection even more quickly. However, how to make the 3G / HSDPA H + android signal stable and stronger above it just applies to smartphones already covered with 3G networks. Because there are some smartphones that do not support the Japan Band, so if your smartphone is one of the smartphones that support the Japan Band, get ready to get a stable and strong internet signal.