Jumat, 04 Agustus 2017

HowTo Upgrade Android OsTo The Latest Version In Time


Does android develop faster because of coincidence?

May be.

But it's not like that.

If my friend has long used android, must know that every year Google upgrade android OS to the latest version to provide new features and performance improvements.

From start ...... ginggerbread, ice cream sandwich, jelly bean, kitkat, lollipop and the most recent is marsmellow.

All of them provide a better performance improvement.

This is what makes android grow faster than Iphone.

Apple forced Iphone users to buy the latest handset output to enjoy the latest Apple operating system.

But android is not.

Older version of Android can be upgraded to the latest OS. That way, my friend can enjoy the old android with the latest oprasi system.

Then How to Upgrade Android OS to Latest Version?

Android upgrades at a glance look easy. Just download the file and install it.

It's not like that.

Not all android will get updated OS version. So, this will be a big problem for old version of android owners.

Normally, how to upgrade android OS to the latest version is very easy. Because every android has an OTA (over the air) update.

Go to Setting → About phone → Select System Update → And click Check for Updates.

Well, if the update is available then my friend will be asked to download the update file and install the file to start android upgrade.

But, if no updates mean the android phone manufacturer that my friend bought did not give the android system upgrade.

Or maybe, there is an update but not detected in the OTA.

If the problem is like that, you can upgrade android by going to the official website directly and looking for a version update there.

In the past, asus zenfone 4 belonged to me as well.

When first bought, android OS still kkat. And now I have upgraded to lollipop.

At that time, updates were not available in OTA. But after I go to the official website, I found the latest version of OS android update there.

For that, if my friend did not find updates on the system, my friend can go directly to the official site.

Or for other smartphone users can also visit the official website of each smartphone to be upgraded android OS to the latest version.

But what if the update is still not available after doing both ways android upgrade it?


If my friend is very eager to upgrade android OS to the latest version, you can use custom ROM for android pal.

Custom ROM is a great way to upgrade the Android OS to the latest version.

Custom ROM what does it mean?

Custom ROM is the same as regular system update but the system update is not official from Google but from people who like oprek android.

They are always creative to create custom ROM for android users who do not get official system updates from google.

My friend is looking for a custom ROM that is suitable for android buddy.

So do not worry, even if your android is old, my friend can still taste the latest version of android in the current release.

Use this latest android upgrade as a solution if your android does not get official system update from google.

Good luck and enjoy the android with the latest version of OS.