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Tips on optimizing samsung galaxy grand prime without root

Tips on optimizing samsung galaxy grand prime without root

First of all what is the factor that makes our HH so slow and wasteful batre ..

  • Too many install applications.
Although GP has a large enough internal storage (8GB, available 5GB), but too much to install applications that are not really needed is still not good. Since almost all applications leave a residue (cache), if not properly managed it will obviously last longer to meet your storage. This is usually not realized by the users of Android, that actually HH they save a lot of cache that every time will continue to grow and will make the performance of HH becomes slower. Without us being aware of our activities using HH continuously builds up a Cache-Cache. Usually the applications that generate the most cache are the browser, chat apps, or activities using the internet, etc. The solution is by installing mandatory applications that ane share in this doc. Also save file files such as music, movies, documents to MicroSD so as not to burden the internal memory.

  • Battery Saver App.
The most phenomenal of the past is Apikasi Battery Saver. With a variety of slogans will extend the use of the battery up to 5X, it seems already make this application quite popular among users samrtphone. Whereas actually the function of this application just to facilitate our access in minimizing battery usage. And it definitely only menuhin menuhin RAM.

  • Task Killer / RAM cleaner / RAM booster / Speed Booster, etc.
Currently widely circulated in the Play Store various applications such as Clean Master, DU Speed booster, etc. that promise will improve the performance of HH. Though these applications actually slow the performance of HH itself by burdening the memory (RAM). But not all task killer is bad, below already ane include which application is good for HH you. Continue reading.

  • Too many apps running in the background.
Smartphones are now primarily Android, are already optimized for multitasking function. But with the limited capacity of RAM owned by GP, it is not possible lagging or even force close because of full RAM when running a particular application, such as games and photo editors. Minimizing applications running in the background are among the most crucial to note. Suggested routine to close the application when it is not used. In addition routine also restart HH at least once a day.

  • Facebook app
I do not know how important this facebook application, obviously this application is one application that consumes too much RAM and Battery! Facebook access through the web browser will save more battery and memory than having to install the application.

  • Auto Update Android Apps on Playstore
Features auto update apps android it feels good to get the application updated, but agan will feel annoyed if suddenly HH agan download and install the application when it is being used to run other applications. In addition agan will be "forced" to update all applications that do not want to update. How to cope with that is by going into the PlayStore, and setting the automatic update (disable).

  • Many pairs of widgets.
Widgets in HH android makes it easy to use the applications available. For example a shortcut to perform a feature on a particular application, or view updated information on the application. But if too many widgets will certainly take up the use of RAM memory on HH android which will result in no more space for the use of other applications. So remove widgets that are at least less important or rarely used.

  • Use a heavy launcher / theme.
The theme emang make HH we look cool and unique, but agan agan still be smart to choose which launcher that has a lot of customization but still friendly for our HH. Examples of recommender launchers such as Nova Launcher.

  • Live wallpaper
Wallpapers can move their own motion, can play mainin, plasticity of life, funny, exciting .. But the various excitement and cuteness had also had a bad impact to the performance and battery. Because usually live wallpaper will trigger CPU / GPU to work more intensely. It is therefore recommended to use static wallpapers such as those in gallery.

  • Anti virus
Maybe antivirus is important to install on PC / Laptop, but baseball for android. The reason is android has a limited memory capacity, unlike the PC / laptop.Selain it is not like the Windows operating system, not many viruses roam the operating system android / linux. Simply avoid downloading app applications whose source is not clear.

That was a few things that can make our HH performance not maximal. If you already know, it's time to practice :)

Tools and materials:
1. Galaxy Grand Prime
2. Internet connection
3. Strong determination and patience :)

A. Optimization in Settings

1. Go to Settings> Display> Brightness. Set the brightness as needed, too bright not good for the eyes and batteries, keep the brightness to a minimum.
- Auto rotate screen OFF, use if needed aja.
- Screen Timeout set to 15/30 sec.
- Wallpaper (optional) replace with black / dominant black wallpaper, to minimize consumption of HH screen.

2. Settings >> Sound. Turn off unnecessary features like touch sound and dialing keypad tone

3. Turn off GPS when not in use

4. Setting >> Backup and reset, set Backup my data (OFF). Turn on if you just want to backup.

5. Turn off Sync via the notification panel.

6. Turn off Mobile data if there is coverage of Wifi internet access. Mobile data significantly drains the battery rather than Wifi.

7. Setting >> About device >> Software update, turn off Auto update. Active in the forum would be no notice for example there is an update: D

8. Setting >> Application manager >> All.
Some default apps like Hangouts, Google Play Games, etc. are better disabled. Although never executed, these applications will usually still run in the background. This is very potential to menuhin menuhin RAM and make batre increasingly wasteful. Here is a list of safe application applications to disable / turn off:
Google Play Books
Google Play Games
Google Pay Music (if using other music player)
Google Play Newsstand
Google Search
Google +
My Files (if you have installed another explorer file)
Samsung account
Samsung Biling
Samsung in-App purchase
Samsung Push Service
Street View

B. Application applications that must be installed

1. Advanced Task Manager (ATM)

At the beginning already ane explain some task killer applications that are bad for HH effect. The difference between ATM and other task killer is ATM does not originally to kill the application. ATM only shows applications that are safe to be covered. So its function is more like clear all in recent app. In addition, ATM can be automatically set to background app every screen is locked, HH / restart HH, or set periodically every 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, etc. The file was not too big and easy to operate.

2. Ccleaner

It must be agan agan already know this application. Luckily it turns out Ccleaner is not just present in the PC :) Ccleaner is actually its function is not much different from other cleaning applications. Only Ccleaner does not burden Memory and Battery!
To be safe, set up cleanup only on Cache, Clipboard, Google Play Search History, Thumbnail Cache, and Empty Folder. Not recommended for cleaning Processes!

The above two applications are actually more than enough to optimize HH. ATM works as a memory controller (RAM), while Ccleaner serves to manage storage, a super duo is not it?