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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of OPPO A39?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of OPPO A39?

After two weeks of using this phone, now it's time to share a little review about the Oppo A39. In this review we will provide information from the eyes of ordinary users.

Oppo A39 smartphone is an older brother of Oppo A37. Specifically both types of HH is not different far. There are improvements to the battery section.

As the first user of the Oppo manufacturer, this provides a bit of a different experience for us. Both from operating system experience, from its UX or from its camera function.

We do not categorize what the advantages and disadvantages of this Oppo A39 mobile phone, we will only tell you the experience that we feel during the use of this smartphone. The rest you can conclude yourself which the advantages and disadvantages. Let's get started:

Price under 3 Million

The first is clear about the price, priced at the national price of 2,799,000 this being one of the best in that price range. Moreover he said the price is now down alias cheaper. So for you who have a budget paspasan and not enough to buy OPPO F1s, then Oppo A39 this could be the right choice.

Dual Slot GSM + 1 Memory Slot

There are actually other options like Zenfone 3, but Oppo has the advantage that the card slot is 2+ memory slots. Oppp is superior because it does not use Hybrid Slot. Although the internal can already load 32 Gb.

Dual 4G GSM Slot

Well for the price range of this segment, Oppo A39 is supported 2 GSM sim both with 4G network. This is an advantage when compared to hp class which is usually equipped with dual sim, but only one is 4G, while the other 2G.

No Metal Body Makes It No Heat

Well this can be considered an advantage or lack of anyway. But we consider this advantage deh, why so? The advantage of the body is not metal is cool. So if HH is processing the weight then the heat does not spread to the body. But honestly this Oppo A39 is not hot, we just feel the temperature of mobile phones rise when playing the game rather heavy.

Gorilla Screen

This is also an advantage compared to mobile classmates. We compare it with the latest Zenfone 3 Max, although the battery business is said to win them but it turns out he did not have a screen protector. So, what is the big battery but the phone screen cracked easily?

It's a Smartphone for Photos

Like the slogan, Unstoppable Selfie. Yes! Indeed, the facts hape output from Oppo is reserved for end users who like photographs. 13Mp rear camera and 5Mp front camera is equipped with beauty mode and expert mode such as manual ISO, manual focus, manual shutter speed. So make mbak-mbak who has not been able F1s, then Oppo A39 could be a good choice to quench the thirst of Selfie.

Screen 5.2 Conveniently gripped.

This one also we consider the Advantages. Why? Because it's convenient. Frankly hape with much larger specifications, but the screen size also affects the comfort. According to our screen size 5.2 is the most maximal for the size of the hand is not too wide, especially for fingers mbak-mbak a hobby selfie. But this is all back to choice anyway. If you like a big yes it's okay, clear Oppo A39 has a 5.2 inch screen size.

Android Operating System Lollipop 5.1

Almost all the smartphones made by Oppo currently using Os Color are made based on Android 5.1 Lollipop. For those of you who are interested in Android Update, then I recommend do not buy Oppo A39 product, because this hh still use Lollipop and there is no discourse for upgrade (at least until now we use).

Application Security

Oppo brings a build application in the form of app security. In this application we can provide special settings to each application. For example we do not allow WA applications to run every time start up. This will facilitate us for application management. Delicious tho? Basically this security application could be an advantage and could be a shortage / complicated.

Why is it a drawback? It could be because this makes your application so it does not bring up notifications, such as WhatsApp app does not appear notif and new messages entered after the app opened. This case is often questioned by the users of Oppo, because most of the users of this smartphone is the end user who is not so familiar with these settings.

Slide Down Navigation Bar is not Notification

Since we previously used pure Android Lollipop, there is little difference in its UX system. So if you usually slide down on the navigation bar to see the notification list, then it's not the same for Oppo A39.

In Oppo A39 if you slide down on navbar then that will be seen is function button, like flashlight, wifi, gps and others. As for viewing notifications, you need to slide to the right on the navbar. Hmm enough to bother anyway I think.

Developer Option Not always Run

This is actually a problem for Android programmers anyway. On Oppo smartphones, especially the A39 option Developer Options can not always be activated. If enabled it will always appear notification like picture below.

Well that's some information related experience after two weeks using Oppo A39. Hope can be your consideration before deciding to buy this Android smartphone.

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