Minggu, 24 September 2017

How to Check Genuine Samsung or Fake Genuine HP

How to check the original or fake samsung from us the following will ensure the authenticity of samsung smartphone. There are 4 easiest ways you can do to check the original samsung mobile phone or not. The equipment you need is not much, ie hape samsung that will check and internet connection.

Buying fake samsung is very unpleasant indeed. You want to buy a real samsung smartphone eh apparently the seller is fooling you with fake samsung. Duh, must be very annoying is not it? That's why we're here to give you a real or fake samsung check to you. Do not buy fake samsung. Ready umbrellas before the rain yes. Notice the 4 ways to check the authenticity of the following samsung.

How to check authenticity samsung - compare prices

This is the easiest way to check the original or fake samsung mobile phone by comparing the price offered with the common price of samsung. If you are very far apart, you need to be careful. But if the price is almost the same you can be a little relieved, but do not fall asleep too. It could be that the seller wants to profit a lot by selling fake samsung with normal price. You should check the authenticity of samsung by next check.

How to check samsung - view the TEST LCD menu

Try to write * # 0 * # on your samsung mobile phone screen.
If the samsung screen turns into LCD TEST like the picture below, then congratulations you have the original samsung phone. But if it does not appear anything, certainly your Samsung phone is imitation or fake. Seger undo your intention to buy the phone. On the TEST LCD menu there is some information you can see, such as HP Smartphone specifications, Touch Screen, Camera, Sound, HP Smartphone Code and other information.

How to check the original samsung - see the samsung smartphone

  • specifications Please type * # * # 4636 # * # *
  • The original Samsung will give you the spec view of the phone. While fake samsung will not appear anything.

Check samsung - IMEI number

IMEI number will appear when you type * # 06 # in HP Samsung IMEI number consists of 15 digit number. If you still have the original box of mobile phone purchase, make sure the number listed on the phone is the same as the one in the box. We have interesting info about IMEI ya, look at the numbers to 7 and 8.

  • When 05 then HP is produced in the USA with very good quality.
  • When 00 then the Samsung samsung produced in Firlandia with very good quality.
  • When 02 or 20 then HP made in Asia with poor quality.
  • If 08 or 80, then your Samsung samsung made in Germany with good quality.
  • If 03, then HP is made in France or Canada with the best quality.
  • When 04, then the HP Limited edition made specifically in Korea with the best quality in the world.
Well, if you have internet connection, you can open International Numbering Plans website and input IMEI Number to the website. If any website is showing your phone specifications, then you can be sure your original samsung. Ok, so many tutorials how to check samsung original or fake from us. Use this information well yes, may be useful.