Kamis, 09 November 2017

How To Overcome Bootloop Android Without Flashing

Some of you who hobby oprek-oprek Android gadgets must have experienced a bootlap name. Either bootlap that happened because of android rooting experiment, install theme, modification bootanimation and so on. Bootlap is a condition where an Android phone fails to enter into the operating system, usually just turn on and spin on the product logo of the device or use it to bootanimation.
Bootlap itself is divided into several categories including bootlap class light, medium and hard. Each bootlap has a difference but essentially android gadgets affected bootlap can not enter the operating system.
Learning from the experience of android mengoprek and several times experiencing bootlap, I have a special trick to fix the android phone bootlap without having to flashing firmware (reinstall). This method is certainly quite practical and can be understood by beginners who are not familiar with the workings of the Android operating system. Please read carefully the steps below:
How To Overcome A Bootloop Android Without Flashing Firmware:

Method 1:
For light and medium class bootlap can be overcome by Wipe data / factory reset on your Andorid phone. This can be done by following the steps below:

  • Please turn off your android device, then enter in recovery mode (usually by pressing home + volume + power button simultaneously, some devices may be different)
  • If already included in Recovery Mode, select menu Wipe Data / Factory Reset by pressing volume button. Click ok by pressing the home / power button.
  • Confirm Yes to delete all user data, wait for process to finish, reboot system.

Method 2:

If the first way above your android gadget bootlap can not be overcome, please try the following steps. In the stage to overcome the bootlap we use a file manager called Aroma File Manager. Good news file manager is made directly by young people of Indonesia and has been used by many users android world loh! The following steps recovery using the scent of file manager:
  • Download Aroma File Manager until finished, copy aromafm-1.91.zip to sdcard.
  • Masuk recovery mode seperti langkah pertama diatas, pilih menu install zip from sdcard, pilih aromafm-1.91.zip kemudian install.
  • Wait for the installation process aroma file manager is complete, then the file manager aroma interface will appear.

Well that's a little tips to help you who often experience bootlap on android gadgets. Hope this helps.