Sabtu, 06 Januari 2018

How to Remove Android Default Apps With NoBloat

How to Remove Android Default Applications With NoBloat - In Hp Android there are some applications that are not used by you, because you prefer to use other applications more simple although the usefulness of the application have in common, my friend this time we will share the tricks to you to remove the default applications that are not used by you, unused applications only make your memory full storage so that your hp android experience slow and also slow, applications that you do not use will be very disturbing you in the usability activities on your android phone and also effects bad that is caused to drain the battery power android hp.

How to remove the default application or commonly called bloatware in android hp in general it can not be deleted without root, but there is an easier way to overcome this case that is by using additional applications that is by using the application NoBloat itself has 2 versions you can use both paid and free, for paid NoBloat apps priced at # 1.99 (USD) which have additional features batch operators and can create a list of system applications you want to delete, but in terms of usability to remove the default application you only need to use the application NoBloat version free. For that let's see how to remove the default application in hp android using NoBloat application.

How to Remove Android Default Apps With NoBloat

  • First download NoBloat application on the link we have provided, then you can install the application.
  • After you finish installing the application, now you only need to open NoBloat application via your android phone.
  • Then the app will ask for superuser root access on your android phone, which appears when you open the application.
  • After you grant superuser access wait a while for NoBloat application to read all the list of applications found on your android phone, choose the default application which you do not need or not use. Since we are using the free version of NoBloat application so you can only do deletion of the default application at a time, so to be able to delete it again you do the next.
  • After selecting the default application now you can press Delete, if at any time you want the application is opened you can backup first with Backup and Delete, if you do not need to cool backup you can press Delete Without Backup if finished Press Ok. And close the app.
  • Your default app is now deleted.
Advantages of Using Free NoBloat Applications:

  1. Can disable apps
  2. Can backup application
  3. Can backup and delete apps
  4. Can delete applications without backup
Advantages of Using Paid NoBloat Applications:

In addition to the benefits of free nobloat applications that are added here, there are other advantages that you can enjoy on the features available in NoBloat applications, among others:
  1. Can create black list (black list) on android application system to be deleted.
  2. Batch is an operation to back up or delete all lists on the blacklist.
  3. You can enable disabled apps using Batch Operation.
  4. You can restore already backed up apps using Batch Operation.
  5. You can export the settings that have been made to the NoBloat application and Blacklist list which is then stored on external memory into the internal memory.
  6. Faster searching of built-in apps and other apps.
  7. You can change the backup folder.
Deleting the default android app using the NoBloat app when you select the Backup and Delete process performed by the NoBloat application is to backup first before performing the delete action the application will delete, so that at any time you can restore the application you have deleted by way of restoring the application are as follows. Open NoBloat Applications >> Backup Apps >> Restore.

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